Daily Menu

- Tibornada de Bacalhau -
Flaked cod with baked potatoes and onion sauce.

- Língua de Vitela –
Veal tongue “aux champignons” with potato purée

- Frango na Púcara -
Stewed chicken with mushrooms and carrots.

- Bacalhau à Brás -
Shredded cod with fries and
scrambled eggs.

- Secretos de Porco Preto -
Grilled iberian pork loin with unpeeled potatoes and mashed fried bread.

- Raia frita com arroz de tomate -
Fried skate with tomato rice.

- Arroz de Pato à Moda Antiga -
Shredded duck with rice and traditional smoked sausages.

- Bacalhau à Meia Desfeita -
Boiled cod with parsley and chickpeas.

- Salada do Mar -
Sea salad with prawns and mussels.

- Frango de Caril -
Curry chicken.

- Pataniscas de Bacalhau -
Fried cod with flour, egg and parsley, served with tomato rice.

- Arroz de Polvo -
Octopus Rice.

- Arroz à Valenciana -
Rice with pork, chicken, squid, shrimps, clams and saffron.

- Cozido à Portuguesa -
Mixed boiled meats, traditional smoked sausages, boiled vegetables and rice.

- Pato assado à Ribatejana -
Roasted duck, giblets rice and traditional smoked sausages.

- Bacalhau à Vila Nova -
Fried cod loins, mayonnaise and mashed potatoes.

- Carne de Porco à Alentejana -
Fried pork with clams and fries.

- Bacalhau à Italiana -
Cod au gratin, potatoes and bechamel.

- Polvo à Lagareiro -
Roasted octopus with unpeeld potatoes and olive oil.

- Espetada de Tamboril com Gambas -
Monkfish and prawns kebab.